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Resume Highlighter

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Resume Highlighter is a super-combo package for jobseekers, comprising three features i.e. Resume Highlight, Verified Stamp, and Free Contacts. The service highlights your resume and verified details to the recruiters, thus bringing you in the focus-light and keeping you ahead thousand other candidates. It also increases credibility and visibility of your resume and multiplies the chances to get noticed by prospective employers and recruiters.

» Key Highlights

  • Superb combo of three effective features
  • Highlight your resume to stand out from the crowd
  • 'Verified Stamp' increases the credibility of your candidature
  • 'Free Contacts' increase your visibility
  • Combination of all three services brighten the chances to get instant job offers matching to your job profile
  • Very simple, easy and fast way to get noticed by active recruiters

3 Month

Rs. 2000

6 Month

Rs. 3500

12 Month

Rs. 5000